Cover image from Compute (December 1982)

Detail from the cover of Compute (December 1982)

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  • Chris DiBona, Sam Ockman, and Mark Stone [editors]: Open Sources: Voices From The Open Source Revolution (1999). ISBN: 9781565925823
    • A somewhat motley collection of essays from early days of the open source “movement.” The contributions mostly focus on business strategy, philosophy, and–especially–making sure everyone knows Open Source is open for business and that it is isn’t communism. There’s a good internal/technical history of BSD in there.
  • Sam Williams: Free As In Freedom: Richard Stallman’s Crusade For Free Software (2002). ISBN: 9780596002879 [reread]
    • This is a pretty straightforward bio of rms. It’s mostly hagiography, the kind of thing you’d expect from an authorized biography. But some of Stallman’s warts are allowed to show through, including his creepy habit of leering at women. Interestingly, the book is licensed under the GPL, something which allowed Stallman to create his own “fork” of the book. In his edited version sold by the Free Software Foundation, rms excises much of the negative material and offers his own rebuttals of nearly everything that remains.

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