Cover image from _Electronic design_ (April 1, 1971)

Cover image from Electronic Design (April 1, 1971)

For the last several months, I’ve felt stuck, not having any sense of what to do next. I’ve been exploring different kinds of jobs with varying degrees of seriousness. Whenever I talk to my friends about this, they tell me (sometimes forcefully!) that I should be writing. I’ve a had a little bit of trouble admitting that that’s what I want, too.

So the spirit of not overthinking things and actually getting started, I launched a patreon to fund my writing and–with any luck–pay for research expenses.

I’m not sure what it’s going to look like yet, except that the I’ll be writing at least one medium-length essay a month. The idea is that it will be public and unpaywalled. If you haven’t seen my writing before this is the kind of thing I do:

At the very least, I’ll be linking the writing on here. If it seems like people want it, I’ll send it out in newsletter form, though it will probably reside on another domain.

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